Novotel am Tiergarten Berlin 🇩🇪

In this article, I’d like to share what I enjoyed most in staying at Novotel am Tiergarten Berlin by and how I find it centrally located and efficient for short trips or weekend getaways.. when you live in Germany of course or on European tours. Hotel accommodations can be pretty expensive for a minimum wager […]


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Overnight in Berlin

With so much to do, and so little time… planning helped us to enjoy our overnight stay in Berlin. At 6 am in the morning… We had to take Flixbus which made our trip fun, comfortable and fast. It has designated bus stops where people can hop and ride to go to their specific destinations, […]

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You, Me and the Trees

Since last year, we started doing walks by the nearby forest in our place. At first it was just to breathe some fresh air, meditate or just to share some time together but our interest in nature has grown as we walk through the woods. We seem to appreciate nature more and how it was […]

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The joys of riding the bike

I have been living in Germany for almost three years now, but it was only last week that I started exploring the city with my bike. It takes only thirty minutes to an hour to ride a bike or exercise so to speak, but the wonders in does to your body and soul are surpassing. […]

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Calaguas – an untouched Paradise

Fine white sand, light blue to dark blue waters, small islands surrounding it, very few people in the beach, green mountains and people who greets you with their lovely smile from cheek to cheek…. indeed a breathtaking sight…… of an untouched Paradise. Calaguas island is located in the Philippines. It has three major islands namely […]

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