Calaguas – an untouched Paradise

Fine white sand, light blue to dark blue waters, small islands surrounding it, very few people in the beach, green mountains and people who greets you with their lovely smile from cheek to cheek…. indeed a breathtaking sight…… of an untouched Paradise.

Calaguas island is located in the Philippines. It has three major islands namely Tinaga, Guintinua, Maculabo. Tinaga is where Mahabang-buhangin is. Calaguas island is an eight hour trip by bus from Manila to Bicol, Vinzons Camarines Norte or in Paracale. We took the Vinzons Port because it is near from my mother’s house. So from Vinzons Port is a two hour bumpy boat ride, of course depending on the waves, since you will be traversing the pacific sea in order to reach this paradise like island. Nonetheless, the boat ride is fascinating too because of the beautiful sea and the small islands that you can see on the way. You have a choice then, either to take selfies or to doze off. We did both I guess, to recharge our energies.

We arrived at 10 o’clock in the morning, it was raining hard. We were a bit disappointed. We just couldn’t get out of the small boat without getting wet. But after a few minutes the rain stopped, the sun shines brightly, just like what you see in this picture. We booked our trip to Calaguas from a travel agency but since it’s off peak season (September) we got into a mixed group which was catered by #Agnes +63930-3422467 She made our island experience so easy. We had to rent a cottage there too. You can negotiate with the prices of course. That’s one of the advantages in going there during off peak season. Our food was prepared by Agnes and her staff, so we don’t need to cook. All you need to do is to seat back and relax, enjoy the beautiful island, swim, walk by the beach, play cars and explore. They also provide island hopping. You get to experience snorkeling and exploring the other 2 islands for a minimum charge. They also have aircon cottages, I find it too expensive though.

My husband and I slept in one of the Cabanas. They placed a mattress and I had a mosquito-net. Although it seems like there were no mosquitoes at night. It was so comfortable and a great experience too. At night, the people from the nearby cabanas were a bit loud but at 12 midnight they all seemed to be quiet. Maybe they were also tired the whole day exploring the island.

My mother and Tien slept in one of these enclosed cottages. This cottage for example has glass doors that you can lock or just leave it open at night. The island is safe and the people are honest. But of course you can secure your belongings. It’s a must everywhere. This cottage has 2 mattresses, so about 4 people can fit there. It has an electric fan and a small table. Where you can put your creams and bags.

At 6o’clock in the evening, the sun begins to set. You can appreciate the beautiful sunset and cloud formation behind. The water is still warm and I was ready to dip in. It is so clear that you can see your feet from under. No big waves too, just warm and cozy water touching your skin. At 7 o’clock, dinner is served. 3-4 dishes were served to your delight. They were fresh and incredibly tasty.

The next day, we woke up very early. It was only 5 o’clock in the morning. We were just too excited to swim again and enjoy our last few hours in the island. It’s time to pack our things and to take our last swim in this beautiful island of Calaguas. Breakfast was served at 8 o’clock in the morning and at 9 o’clock we had to leave. Crossing the Pacific seas are a bit dangerous after 12 o’clock due to the big waves. Our boat driver was also commendable for his expertise, as he go against the towering waves, with the use of his bamboo stick…. Indeed only in the Philippines. I encourage then, everyone to experience island life. Explore the Philippine Islands, Explore Calaguas Island! An untouched Paradise. #thephilippineembassyBerlin #it’smorefuninthephilippines #calaguasisland #livelaughandride

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