The joys of riding the bike

I have been living in Germany for almost three years now, but it was only last week that I started exploring the city with my bike. It takes only thirty minutes to an hour to ride a bike or exercise so to speak, but the wonders in does to your body and soul are surpassing. My goal is to ride the bike weekly, to keep my bones strong, especially my back, since I work part-time in a home (seniors’ home). I needed my back, shoulders and legs to be tough in this work, and riding a bike is a good way to do it.

It’s more fun when you have a bike-buddy, meaning he or she can cope with your speed or when you stop for a short break to relax, to have a coffee or just to sit down and be mesmerized by the beauty of God ‘s creation. I always brings something to drink. It’s important! Last week i took Bio grape juice with us (me and Olga). When we arrived in a nearby forest, we had to stop, to enjoy the surroundings and to replenish our body fluids with our juice. Today, with Mario, I prepared water and coffee for our breaks. It was worth it. We had bit of sunshine today, mind you it’s not oft that we get to have sunshine here, but the weather is still cold. The last time I checked was five degrees and when you ride the bike it gets even colder, because of the external factors such as natural wind and wind from fast driving cars etc. So having something warm to drink or just something to drink is an oasis. Oh the beauty of Fall! It’s amazing how God thought of making the leaves in Fall turn into orange, red, purple and brown. There is a scientific explanation to that too, but I am not a scientist so I won’t delve into that. In a lighter way of understanding this is, leaves change their color from green to orange, red, purple and eventually brown, is simply to support photosynthesis and to prepare the leaves for winter. This is because, in winter we hardly get enough sunshine. Woooh! That’s a tough one. Anyway, getting back to riding a bike, you get to enjoy the scenery! These sceneries can give you positive or happy thoughts. Would you believe, I was smiling the whole time. I must be crazy smiling the whole time but the sceneries just make you want to smile, laugh and just happy, plus the health benefits that you get from breathing while riding the bike in the woods. You need to choose a route of course, depending on your mode. I like to ride the bike where there are trees and less commuters or cars. In this way you get to be one with the nature. Indeed, there is real joy in riding the bike.

I simply had to capture this!

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