A taste of Asia – Dong Fang Buffet in Bremen

I seem to get so excited with Buffet restaurants mainly because I don’t get to wait for my food to be served. I just devour. Hahaha! It seems barbaric but that’s what all people do when they go to a buffet restaurant, they eat and eat and eat.

Last Saturday we decided to visit Dong Fang” in Bremen. Google can tell where it is exactly. From the outside facade, you would mistakenly identify it with the other Chinese, Thai or Vietnamese Restaurants that serve ala carte’. But there’s a big sign that says “buffet” lunch and dinner with its price for the specific time you would like to eat it. When you go inside is another story. You seem to be transported to China, with its decorations, color, music and of course the food. I must say, it’s pretty impressive above average restaurant. When you enter the glass door of the restaurant itself, you will see a catering of different Chinese dishes. Fish, chicken, beef, tofu, vegetables with spicy, sweet, sour sauces. A salad bar that offers different fresh vegetables and dressings too to go with your mood. They offer fried Dim Sum, dumplings… although I was hoping to find streamed dumplings. It’s not in the buffet menu but you can order them ala carte. The precious fried ducks are also available for your consumption :). It offers a dessert and ice cream bar which I got to taste the Chinese plum. It tastes different from the normal plums that are being sold in the market. Its dark purple in color, smaller and its grassy texture makes it unique and the taste is like champoy “sweet and sour candy” sold at Chinese stores. It actually brought back memories of my childhood, I used to buy champoy in stores nearby and munch them on my way home.

Back in college, i remember reading about the Chinese culture. In their Culture, dishes should be shared communally. Food is served at the center of the table and people eating on that table can get whatever they like or choose whatever they like on the center of the table. The idea is not to eat separately but as a group or as a family. Although it’s not the same idea as when you eat in a buffet table, because ideally you have to eat everything on your plate. So, you only get what you can eat and finish it. What I am talking about here is how the table and seating are arranged. They are practically arranged in a manner that the food are in the center, shadowing on the idea of the Chinese tradition which is the Lazy Susan turntables.

The buffet restaurant is a must to visit in Bremen. It’s clean and the staffs are friendly. A great place to stop and eat after a long tiring walk around the shopping grounds of Bremen City.


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