You, Me and the Trees

Since last year, we started doing walks by the nearby forest in our place. At first it was just to breathe some fresh air, meditate or just to share some time together but our interest in nature has grown as we walk through the woods. We seem to appreciate nature more and how it was beautifully made by our creator.

This path is usually filled with people walking their dogs, training their horse or pony for that matter! Or joggers or people walking, and mommies with their kids. But today, it’s pretty empty. We are alone. It makes us focus more on the details. How the trees show that spring is about to come. How old leaves become alive again after hibernating in the winter cold. I also noticed how fast the trees grow here in Deutschland. They grew so tall everything year and needs to be cut for safety purposes. When storm comes, it can endanger people’s lives so they trim or cut the trees. The other half of this tree was cut because it branches swings by the pathway. But as you can see, I replaced it with a “blue and green portable tree”. Mario just stood there and find it funny so I took a picture of him. 🙂 He simply matched the colors of the earth. 🙂 Fallen branch of a pine tree. The leaves of pine trees here are a bit thicker than usual. This tree was struck down by lightning and has broken the other tree. This tree has its own face! Scary though. It seems like it’s from one of those scenes in Alice in wonderland, where the tree spoke to Alice… hahaha kidding aside. Maybe the branches of this particular tree is blocking the pathway and so again for safety reasons, they have to cut it.

Yes today’s walk was a bit more fascinating than usual because it made us focus on trees, its branches and its leaves and not just on walking. Maybe the next time you jog or walk around, try to focus on something or do something you don’t usually do. You might discover something new.

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