Nobu Hotel – City of Dreams Manila

Every year we get to spend time with our family in Manila. Those were tedious planning of what to do and what if’s after all, you needed time, energy and money to accomplish what you have planned for a great holiday. Our trip to Manila is always exciting and this year we opt to stay in Bicol province to care for my mother. We planned visiting Calaguas Island in Vinzons. And we did! It was one of the best islands. It’s not expensive as Maldives or Mallorca but the scenic beauty of it plus the locals are beyond the expression of what an untouched island is. See “Calaguas- untouched Paradise” article

Of course we did plan a nice departure from the Philippines. It was to stay in Nobu Hotel, one of the three interconnected hotels in The City of Dreams Manila, near the airport terminals 1,2 and 3. In these hotels where Nobu Hotel is, has casinos, Restaurants , luxury shops, coffee shops, BDO and ATMs, theaters and a lounge.

Here are 5 things I loved about Nobu Hotel:

1. Accessible to all the international and domestic terminals in Manila. I find it luxurious and fabulous to have built a flyover to these hotels to the terminals.

2. Comfort. The bed and the room itself is very comfortable. Would hardly go out of the room once you get in. It’s spacious. Simple but elegant. The Japanese details on wall and photos of Mt. Fuji are poignant. The room is very clean. The toilet is well designed, that you seem to be transported to Japan. We were upgraded to a bigger room because I requested a room with a pool side view.

Love these!

3. A Clinic of their own. It’s big, completely equipped with medicines. Helpful staffs. Chartered ride. I personally experienced it, because I had an allergy and had to be treated fast. They took me to the clinic which if you would walk, might take you a bit longer. They called a chartered ride to take me there and was treated urgently.

4. Restaurants. This restaurant serves authentic Japanese foods not to mention the variety of sushi and maki. Another restaurant by the pool serve angus beefs, steaks and mouthwatering dishes. 🙂 And view is A class.

5. Good Service. 10/10 from the reservation desk, information, hotel staffs, drivers, security. They greet you with all smiles. They are very helpful and understanding with your needs. Just like what I said, We were upgraded to a room with a view. Exactly what I requested.

We will definitely go back 🙂

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… some photos are taken from Google

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