Overnight in Berlin

With so much to do, and so little time… planning helped us to enjoy our overnight stay in Berlin. At 6 am in the morning… We had to take Flixbus which made our trip fun, comfortable and fast. It has designated bus stops where people can hop and ride to go to their specific destinations, in our case, Berlin. It’s a 5 and a half bus ride. The bus is equipped with a WC and comfortable seats. We will definitely ride this bus again.!!! 🙂

Our first stop was to go to the Philippine Embassy to secure a SPA, not Spa as Spa but a Special Power of Attorney for my friend’s son. I must say, everything was so fast. They were very efficient… Thumbs up to our Philippine Embassy in Berlin.

The street where The Philippine Embassy is, are filled with classy brands… Salvatore Ferragamo, Bvlgari, Gucci, Versace, Escada, Chanel etc… Mamamia! Breathtaking sights hahaha… Then heading to our hotel to freshen up! 2nd stop! Holiday Inn Express! This hotel’s best asset is their staffs. They were so helpful and were ready to rectify things when something goes wrong. One of my main purpose in going to Berlin, aside from accompanying my friend, was to eat in an Authentic Korean Restaurant. I got to ask one of the staffs, and she directed us to the best but not so pricey Authentic Korean Restaurant… Bed was comfortable too.. even though it is located in a busy street, the room was quiet. The only thing that I didn’t like about the room, it was too small. The toilet was clean although very minimal. Breakfast was great! It offered a variety of bread, marmalade, teas, fruits, etc. In general, we were satisfied with my overnight stay in this hotel.

3rd stop…. of course…Authentic Korean Restaurant “Arirang Restaurant” – Uhlandstrasse 194, 10623 We had marinated beef, 4 side dishes, 4 cups of rice, a cola and a pot of jasmine tea. All for 26 Euros….. generous portions of meat… deliciously marinated, the Korean way! The service was a bit slow but the food was great! The restaurant was full when we arrived but as the night creeps in… there was an invasion! I’ve never seen so many Koreans in Germany as that night in this simple Korean restaurant. We enjoyed the experience! I’m taking my husband on April when I go back to Berlin. 4th stop – KADEWE an abbreviation for Kaufhaus des Westens. My eyes were just happy! Drooling… jaw dropping…. mind boggling – adjectives that I like to use when I see these shops…I do remember Jose Rizal in these shops “Noli me tangere” Touch me not! Hahaha Crazy! For credit cards, is then translated to “swipe me not!” We met E=mc2 too! He was too picky not to give us some coffee but a photo was good enough. Tauentzienstraße 8 Walk way or short tunnel with some photos that showcases Berlin…. Starbucks 😍😍😍 we did get lost but we found our first love! Coffee!

As I said, we got lost on our way back to the hotel. We had to take a taxi because we were walking the opposite way…. got extremely tired but also took nice photos along the way! Berlin is lovelier at night!Our overnight tour ended with the sweetest smile…. it was fun but of course we miss our family… can’t wait to share our experiences.

Indeed, traveling really makes one rich! Rich with experiences! Experiences that no one can buy!

Keep on exploring, discovering and traveling guys!





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