Novotel Warsaw Poland 🇵🇱

We love to travel and visit places when we get free days off from work. This time we opted to go to the East Seaside of Poland called Ustronie Morskie and made a side trip to Warsaw, the capital city of Poland. Since I am a member of Accorhotels, we stayed in Novotel Warsaw. I find this hotel really good because of its strategic location. It’s in the center of the city and you to get the best view of the town from all sides.

The staffs were very helpful and friendly. As a member of Accorhotels you get many privileges and one of them is checking in early. Although the trainee had no idea about early check-in for members free of charge, he was courteous enough to decline my request and told me to wait a bit so that he can confirm it with his supervisor. The supervisor of course agreed otherwise we would have paid 100 PLN. It was a good thing too, considering that we have been on the road for almost 7 hours.

Novotel Warsaw has 31 floors. High enough to compete with other 5 star hotels in the center of the city. And a wide reception area where people can sit and relax while waiting for their family, friends and colleagues, if the trip is work based of course.

There is a small fenced area in the reception where small children can play while waiting for their parents to check-in or check-out.

These hanging chairs were designed for bored teenagers so they can play with their cellphones or gadgets while waiting too. I wasn’t bored at that time so I didn’t have a cellphone in my hand but I really find this piece of art, cool! Behind this wall is an enclosed game room with Xbox etc.

The room is pretty spacious too and compact. The bed is very comfortable and a table large enough if you have paperworks to do.

We were at Rm 2006, it has a nice view too, although I would prefer the side where The Culture and Science building can be seen. That would be a fantastic view in the night.

Lovely isn’t it?

The view upon entering and going out of the lift.

Novotel Warsaw has Wellness area too. It has a Sauna which I could not take a photo because someone was using it at the time of my visit. Massage room which you can book beforehand and of course the different types of gym equipment ready for use. You can enjoy the treadmill etc. with the scenic view of the city.

Getting around the city is also very easy. Everything is within reach from this hotel. The central station and bus depot is a few meters away.

The Big Shopping Mall is also close to the hotel. It’s approximately 15 minutes by foot. The Mall is architecturally designed and caters to all kinds of brands.

The oldest town in Warsaw Poland is just 15 minutes walk #Warsawin24hours

Restaurants are also a few meters away. We wanted to eat an authentic Polish food so we asked one of the staffs at the reception. She gave us a map and told us to go to Dawne Smaki but since it was late we just couldn’t find the way to get there. We end up going around the city searching for an Authentic Polish Restaurant. We got so tired and just wanted to go back to the hotel and eat at NOVO 2, it’s the restaurant in the hotel which serves great steaks, much to our surprise, 10 meters from the hotel entrance is Dubrovnik Grill and Restaurant, a Croatian Restaurant that serves Polish cuisine.

We ordered Beef Soup, Steak, Fish Sardenes with Salad, Dark Beer and Mojito. We loved everything, especially the beef soup. It’s really delicious and it seems to have the same taste of “Pares Pares” in Manila although the beef soup is a bit reddish in comparison to Pares.

So after dining, we got so sleepy and wanted to go straight to the hotel.

In a nutshell, Novotel is a very good choice of Hotel when you want to visit the city of Warsaw. We enjoyed our 24 hour stay in the city because everything was accessible to us. #NovotelWarsawCentrum #WarsawOldTown #DubrovnikinWarsaw #WarsawWarsaw #Poland‎

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