Novotel am Tiergarten Berlin 🇩🇪

In this article, I’d like to share what I enjoyed most in staying at Novotel am Tiergarten Berlin by and how I find it centrally located and efficient for short trips or weekend getaways.. when you live in Germany of course or on European tours.

Hotel accommodations can be pretty expensive for a minimum wager but of course the minimum wager deserves some luxury and pampering as well.  Booking in this hotel is  having both worlds, a bit of luxury and value for your money.  It’s my third time to go to Berlin. As they say, the second time is sweeter, but I guess my third visit in this city was the sweetest. I spent four days in Berlin with my husband. I went to a certificate training course for two days while he, my husband gets to enjoy the luxury of this 4-star hotel.

Novotel am Tiergarten in Berlin didn’t have high floors like other Novotel branches in various cities but it is unique in itself. The facade from this building seems towering but it’s really the adjacent building that somehow made this look like a high rise hotel. What is somehow distinctive in this building is its design. You don’t get to notice it unless you are keen. Just when you step out of the lift leading to your rooms, you will notice that the shape of the building from inside is round. In this hole, you will find the bar and restaurant of this hotel. Talking about design, they just maximized the space that they have and creatively made it into something useful.

In this floor you will find all the things that you need in a hotel. Again a super compact space, a reception area, a business area where you can use the computer, print and get the catalogues for city tours and brochures on what and where in Berlin. You can also find an enclosed game room with Xbox and some toys to keep children busy when parents need time for themselves. The conference rooms are on the first and second floor of the hotel.

Our room is modest enough for two and in spite of the size they managed to place a sofa that makes it look a bit bigger. The walls are painted white that matches the all white sheets which then complimented the color of the furnitures. The bathroom is with a Japanese sliding door, although small it has a bathtub and a shower. I actually used the bathtub while watching a film on TV.  I find it really cool that you can just slide the door, relax in the tub and watch something on television. I love making my coffee in my room. It makes the room smells really good.  What maybe I think needs to be improved was the position of the toilet.  The door behind me.  It was separated from the bathroom and so it doesn’t have a lavatory in which you can wash your hands after using the toilet. What i find appealing also in this hotel, is that guests can support the reforestation project of “Plant for the Planet”. When you hang this on you door, you simply tell the cleaner not to clean your room, saving the earth for not using the chemicals for that day and that you want the hotel to donate €3 to this project. Guests then have a choice to help. We did our part in helping by hanging it on our door. Wellness, my favorite part of every hotel. Novotel am Tiergarten‘s Wellness offers Sauna, Steambath, a Gym and a place where you can just lie-down to cool down or just read a book. We get to spend our evenings here, relaxing enjoying our quiet time. It’s normally empty from 20:00 to 00:00 midnight. I particularly liked the Steambath because the Sauna was too hot for me to breathe, but Mario enjoyed it.

Breakfast is classic. I basically love everything. Well you can probably see it as to how I plated it, although I burned my bread, you can still see the variety of food served in the restaurant. They also serve the traditional cereals, cold cuts, fruit and vegetable salads. Though I missed having fried rice which is not normally served in European countries.

Novotel am Tiergarten as the name implies, is a hotel with a walking distance to the Berlin Zoo – Tiergarten. We didn’t have time to go in the park so we just took some photos from its gate and facade.

From the Novotel to the zoo, you can enjoy walking in the park. On the way, you can see people riding the bike, just walking along this path, enjoying picnic with their family and friends, or just being alone meditating. The hotel is also walking distance to the shopping malls and boutiques, Bikini Berlin is one of them. This Mall has a big window to water your appetite in going inside the Zoo.


Baboons… baboons.. baboons are just one of the many attractions in that Tiergarten Zoo in Berlin

Since it’s friday, our date day, we watched a movie “Jim Knopf…” To my surprise, the Zoo Palastcinema has a director’s chair and a couples chair. Well I guess, you already know what chair we had. 🙂

You can also find the Deutschland Bahn and the U-Bahn nearby in fact the Tiergarten Station is right across the hotel.  So even if you don’t own a car, you can still reach the hotel and everything in Berlin with the use of the Deutsche-Bahn.

If you take the other route from Novotel, you will find the University and other architecturally designed buildings. Hochschule für die Bildenden Kunste

Techniche Universität Berlin (Reminds me of Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas Office facade in Roxas Boulevard, Philippines)

Institut für Chemie

The Bear of Berlin is everywhere, it’s sometimes blue, sometimes red or in rainbow colors.  These bikes are for rent, with a Go Green tagline to encourage people and tourists to use it around the city instead of cars.  

This is just to showcase that huge fountain in the center of the crossroad and of course my rain dancing talent.  🙂

If you are going to visit various Embassies in Berlin, like Malta, Malaysian, American and Philippine Embassy in Germany  to secure anything from visas to other related documents, this hotel can also be accessible to you.

To sum up, we enjoyed our stay in Novotel am Tiergarten Berlin and all its amenities, food and sightseeing around Berlin.   We will definitely go back.  Check this Hotel on your next trip to Berlin.

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